Program Overview

Vaccines, believed to be one of the greatest medical advancements of the 20th century, are the most effective tools available to prevent infectious diseases.


From newborns to senior citizens, vaccines have helped counteract the spread of disease and have improved and saved billions of lives around the world. 

Vaccines serve a vital role in helping patients maintain healthy lives, but for healthcare providers, managing the procurement of such medicine can be complicated and challenging. At Atlantic Health Partners, we assist more than 20,000 clinicians nationwide by offering cost-effective vaccine prices, purchasing support and program management assistance.

As the nation’s leading vaccine buying group, we provide our members access to discounted vaccines prices and serve as a strategic business partner. We consistently advocate on our members’ behalf to ensure they can successfully provide the necessary and recommended vaccines to their patients in a financially responsible manner. Whether facing challenges with vaccine procurement, inventory management or reimbursement, Atlantic delivers value to our members by providing prompt, proactive support and guidance with no cost to join or participate.

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