Vaccine news

Zika – What You Need to Know

The recent news cycles have produced a national paranoia surrounding the virus, Zika. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the virus, a “public health emergency of international concern.” In this early stage, a big factor in the news about Zika is the amount of unknowns. As Dr. Margaret Chan, General Director of the WHO, said, “The level of concern is high, as is the level of uncertainty.”

Expanding Coverage: A New Approach to Meningitis Prevention

As a parent, sending a child off to college or into the working world is scary enough. The last thing they want to imagine is a potentially life-threatening disease. Unfortunately, they should. On college campuses across the U.S., outbreaks of meningococcal disease (meningitis), a serious bacterial infection of the brain and spinal cord, have occurred.

Seattle’s Vaccination Rate Trails Third-World Countries

When it comes to advancements in healthcare, it’s alarming to see a string of developing countries listed ahead of a major American city. Yet, due to a recent precipitous decline in immunization rates, Seattle, known as one of the country’s smartest cities, now lags behind numerous third-world countries for polio vaccination rates among children. 

Celebrating National Immunization Awareness Month

Each August, our nation recognizes and celebrates the tremendous impact vaccines have had on people worldwide. Vaccines have been credited with preventing more than 2.5 million deaths annually by protecting us from countless diseases and health complications. By celebrating National Immunization Awareness Month, our goal is to remind people that vaccinations are important at all stages of life, from infancy to elderly.  

Eroding The Herd: The Problem With Taking Vaccines For Granted

The recent measles outbreak stemming from Disneyland in California provided a glimpse of what could happen if more individuals stopped vaccinating. The outbreak led to 117 individuals across multiple states being infected. Parents of infants and those with weak immune systems feared exposure. Although it is an unfamiliar feeling for those of us vaccinated, this event was an unfortunate reminder of life without access to vaccines.

Are Pharmacies Stealing Your Patients?

The scariest word for a primary care physician these days isn’t ACA, reimbursements, or even liability insurance. It’s attrition. The great migration of patients continues to shift from the primary care practice to other facilities. They will go where there’s quick and easy access to good care. In recent years, that has meant a migration to urgent care centers.